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Our Fragrance Names and Notes


Peony Glaze’
The name Asika means freedom loving visionary. The name Asika has Indian (Hindu) origins.
Notes: sweet, bergamot, cotton candy, woodsy


French Champagne
The name Bordeaux comes from a port city in France known for its robust wines.
Notes: fresh berry, red wine


Arabian Musk
Hatta is an enclave near the dynamic city of Dubai, UAE. It holds a wealth of Emirati history and tradition.
Notes: lily, woodsy, musk


Naturally Scented Cocoa Butter
Kenya is an East African Country known for its scenic beauty, port access, rich history, and natural resources.


Hair Conditioning Grease
Our hair conditioning grease is named after the southwestern state of Kerala (India).
Active Ingredients: Amla, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil


Turmeric Ginger Soothing Creme
Mumbai, our turmeric ginger soothing creme was inspired by Ayurveda Practices, a traditional healing system founded in India.
Active Ingredients: Turmeric Oil, Cocoa Butter, Carrot Seed Oil, Rosehip Oil


Hair Nourishing Oil
Namibia Hair Nourishing Oil is named after the beautiful southwestern country on the mighty resourceful continent of Africa.
Active Ingredients: Coconut, Castor, Apricot Seed, and Avocado Oils


Coconut Sandalwood
Inspired by the Middle-Eastern Country of Qatar.
Notes: Coconut, Sugar, Sandalwood
Qatar is a Middle Eastern Country that sits in the Arabian Sea. It’s just west of the United Arab Emirates and its capital is Doha. This fragrance is inspired by the enigmatic aromas found throughout the country.


Toasted Marshmallow
Marshmallow was first used by Ancient Egyptians. This fragrance and name were inspired by travels to the North African Country of Egypt. Traditional marshmallow comes from the sweet sap of the mallow plant.


As taught by ancient Egyptians, aromatherapy is the practice of holistic therapy that collectively heals that mind, body, and spirt. Our aromatherapy products are inspired by both ancient Egyptian and Indian aromatherapy as it relates to wellness and healing.


Bath Soaks Infused with Tea Tree Essential Oil

bath salts


Bath Soaks Infused with Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense Bath Soak
Peppermint Bath Soak Elle Willow


Bath Soaks Infused with Peppermint Essential Oil


Bath Soaks Infused with Lavender Vanilla Essential Oils

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